Countdown to Kickoff: 75 (Hernandez, Tebow, Welker, and Urlacher

Only 75 days left until the first preseason game of the NFL. Intense.
Anyway, news is starting to pick up as the season draws closer. Lets start with the biggest news of this month. Aaron Hernandez.
I’m un sure of the exact day, but some time not too long ago, the body of 27 year old, Odin Lloyd was found near a car rented by Hernandez. Now, if that wasn’t enough to put him under suspision, he also destroyed his phone and security system, and had a cleaning crew at his home the day after the murder. Now, I’m not saying he actually killed Lloyd, but he certainly makes it look that way. Right now, they have him for obstrustion of justice. Obviously, there are going to be searches and questions to follow in the coming days, but that’s all we know right now.

Okay, now to a more light hearted, slightly ironic subject, Tim Tebow. I really thought that we weren’t going to be seeing him erqanymygore, since nobody seemed to want him as a part of their team, but as it turns out, the Patriots were willing to give him a chance. They gave him the bare minimum as far as his paycheck goes, at around 650K. Personally, I think they will use him as a tight end, considering Gronk isn’t doing so well, and Hernandez may never play again at the rate he is going.
Now, they just may try to get Brady to train him as a quarterback, which would be incredible if he could actually succeed, and not kill him first. But, considering Tebow’s overall lack of skill in passing, Tight End just makes more sense, since he can run rather well.

Man, it’s just a Patriots kind of day. Or, former Patriot in this case. One of Tom Brady’s favorite targets will now be Peyton Manning’s favorite. Wes Welker has left the Patriots and now has a 2 year, $12 million dollar contract ($4 million signing bonus) With the Denver Broncos. It surprises me that Brady didn’t fight to keep him, considering how much of a major factor he was to that offence. Although, since Hernandez and Tebow stirred the pot, They may end up regretting that decision. The Broncos on the other hand, are looking at a great season, with a great addition to their team. I can easily predict another playoff run this year, even better than the last.

Okay, we are done with the Pats for today. One last thing I want to touch up on is Brian Urlacher and his retirement. Don’t get me wrong, he was one of the main faces of the bears; but frankly, I don’t think being without him will really cause a set back for the Bears. They have always been a strong team, dating back to the days of Walter Payton. I think that they will have a bad season this year, and get back in their stride next season. Every good thing takes time, and when you are the Bears, and have put so much into your organization, it doesn’t take long. The only thing stopping them, as it always have, is the Packers.

I’m Thomas Goodman, see you in 25 days.
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Countdown to kickoff: 100 (Lions, Ravens, Falcons, Saints, and The Weekly Punt 2013)

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Weekly Punt! A weekly bog about the National Football League. As of yesterday, we have 100 days until the NFL kicks off once more, so it is about time to pick this blog back up. Now, since we still have 99 days to go, I will be posting this blog, then another when we hit 75, then 50, then 25, and finally once once it starts. Then, The Weekly Punt will once again be a weekly blog. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

The Super Bowl Champions: Ravens

As you all know, the Ravens won the Super Bowl. It was an amazing win over the 49’ers. The question; however, is will they be contenders to do it again?


During the offseason, the Ravens lost Ray Lewis and Cornerback Matt Birk to retirement. They also lost Safety Bobbie Williams, and Linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo. Not to mention 2 more Linebackers, another cornerback, and Safety, Ed Reed.

They did get Safety Matt Elam out of Florida, Linebacker Arthur Brown out of kansas state, and Cornerback Mark Anthony out of California.

That’s great, that they replaced some spots that were lacking, but it isn’t enough. Hopefully we will see some good trades before the season gets into full swing. But even then, it isn’t enough to make this a prosperous season. I give it 2 years before you can truly call them contenders once again.

The Atlanta Falcons

Last season was good for the Falcons. It really was. They made it to the NFC championship and loss to the 49’ers.
Face it.
They didn’t stand a chance.
Anyway, I was proud of them. Matt Ryan will soon be one of the high paid QB’s once negotiations start on his contract. Now, look at the draft:
Defensive End, Malliciah Goodman out of Clemson.
127 tackles, 23 for a loss. 12 sacks, 3 passes defended, and one fumble recovery.

Defensive End, Stansly Maponga out of TCU.
113 tackles, 23 for a loss as well. 15.5 sacks, 8 forced fumbles, 4 fumbles recovered, and 4 passes defended.

Safety Kemal Ishmael with 368 tackles, 9.5 for a loss. 6 interceptions, 6 forced fumbles, 6 fumble recoveries, and 1 sack.

Finally, Safety Zeke Motta with 179 tackles, 4 for a loss. 2 interceptions, 2 fumble recoveries, 1 forced fumble, and .5 sacks.

Now, this adds some real power to the Falcons defense, which really needed it. Now they just need some better wide receivers and I think they could win the Super Bowl this year. I guesd we will see.

The New Orleans Saints

The Saints didn’t have a good 2012 season, but it wasn’t surprising. Due to bounty gate, the Saints were in football hell. However, this year they have Sean Payton back, and that means a lot. They didn’t do a lot in the offseason, and they probably wont be a playoff team this year; but, this year will mean something. I’m sure of it.

Detroit Lions.

Okay. The Lions are looking at an amazing season. They took Reggie Bush from Miami, who is arguably the best Running Back of all time. Maybe I’m just partial as a Saints fan, but I think you are going to great season this year, and a Super Bowl run next year.

So, to sum up, apart from the Ravens, these teams are looking at good seasons. I’m excited to see what kind of trades happen, and how the season’s outlook will change.

As of right now, I’m taking the Falcons to at least make it to the Super Bowl.

Rack it.

The next blog will be in 24 days. Have an awesome month everyone.

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A hard subject to talk about (Ray Lewis)

As the Super Bowl draws closer, the story of Ray Lewis is one of the biggest topics in sports. I listen to sports radio all day, and one person in particular talked about his past, and his involvement in the murder of two men in a fight. If you don’t know the full story, go here:

Basically, I thought I would share that, and just say that I think Ray Lewis is a great person, and I don’t think he had anything to do with the fight.

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The Harbaugh Super Bowl

Holy hell, Sunday Football was amazing. We know what the Super Bowl is going to look like, but let’s look at the wins.

The Falcons came off of their crazy win against the Seahawks, (breaking my bracket, but, hey!) So, here you have the Falcons, going against Kapernick and the 49’ers. Now, I felt like there was no way for Atlanta to win, but I felt the same way last week, so I could never be so sure.

The game started, and Atlanta took an early lead. I expected the 49’ers to come right back and get their own touchdown. But, that didn’t happen. The Falcons continued to play San Francisco hard, and when the 2nd quarter was over, the score was 17-0. I worried a little, but I know that if anyone could come back and win, it was San Fran. Well, they did, and boy did they. For the rest of the game, Kapernick pounded and pounded the Falcons and the defense didn’t allow a single touchdown, before you know it, the 49’ers have won the game.


I am officially on the Ravens wagon. I always liked the Ravens, but now I’m committed to this team and to Ray Lewis. They beat the New England Patriots, in their greatest game to date. I am officially taking the Ravens all the way. As a fan, I think they will win, and I think they will be a great team next season, even without Ray Lewis.

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Chip Kelly to coach Eagles (Again)

Well, I had originally said that Chip Kelly was going to be coaching the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2013-14 season, but it didn’t happen as I thought it would. He originally said that he would not leave Oregon, which I would of understood. The Eagles suck, and I don’t think Kelly is going to change that, but we will see.

Anyway, Kelly has changed his mind and will be coaching the Eagles. If anything, it will be a refreshing change. The Eagles will be swearing him in today. Do you think that Chip can turn around the Eagles? It sure would be cool to see them in the playoffs.

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Divisional Championship

Let me start by saying that I am terribly sorry about not posting in the last couple of days. I won’t go into the details but I ended up in the hospital, and finally got my hands on my laptop.

So, The Ravens beat the Broncos, which is just crazy. I really love the Ravens (Second favorite team) but I didn’t suspect for a second that they would be able to defeat Peyton Manning and the Broncos. But, they did, and here they are in the AFC championship against the New England Patriots. I have been thinking really hard about this game. I honestly don’t know. I still think that the Patriots will win, but the more I wait for the game, the more I think that the Ravens could win. Now, I would love to see the Ravens in the Super Bowl, since it would be a Harbaugh Super Bowl. I don’t see a single way in any universe that the Falcons can beat the 49’ers. So, it will either be Ravens versus 49’ers in the Super Bowl, or Patriots versus 49’ers.

Whichever way it goes, I am very much looking forward to the big game, and honestly. I really hope it is Ravens Vs. 49’ers. I will give my official prediction in a day or two.

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Ravens win in double overtime, 49’ers beat the Packers

Goodness, the Ravens/Broncos game was incredible. At so many moments, I thought I was wrong, I thought that the Ravens could actually win, and they did. It was a great win for Baltimore and Ray Lewis couldn’t be happier. It was Ray Lewis who ran up the middle for the game winning field goal. The Ravens will most likely face New England in the championship, and it will be a memorable game for Baltimore, and a memorable game for Ray Lewis.


Well, the Packers/49’ers game isn’t over yet, but I think it is fair to say that the 49’ers are going to win. I will always think that the 49’ers are one of the best teams in the NFL and they are great canidates for the Super Bowl, so we will soon see where their season is heading.







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